Rutendo Marimba

The inspiring and joyful dance music of Zimbabwe, with a tantalizing blend of marimba, voice and drum.

Rutendo - bringing the party to you!

Summer of '16 at Britt Gardens & OSF Green Show


From our new CD -- Gandanga

Enjoy this track from our new CD!

Gandanga was originally sung at all night pungwe celebrations. During th war of independence, the pungwe was a powerful means of communication between the guerilla fighters and villagers.

Downloads available at CD Baby 

About The Band

Zimbabwean Music

Rutendo is forever grateful to the people of Zimbabwe 

who have shared this music with us! 

Our teachers are truly an inspiration and it is our great joy 

to share these songs with our audiences who instantly feel connected to the Spirit of the music

Zim Music comes to the Pacific Northwest

This music was brought to the Pacific Northwest in the late '60's by Dumisani Maraire, a native Zimbabwean. 

The music touched the heart of many students who then began their own marimba bands under his guidance. 

Today a large community of marimba bands exists, hosting Zimbabwean teachers in workshops, festivals and homes. 

Band Bio

Reed Bentley, our Space Captain, an indispensable member of many local bands including OSF musicals.

Koeby Johnson, 'obie wan Koeby', teaches Social Science at an undisclosed Rogue Valley school.

Casey Frieder, our Mbira Moyo, is a master of the healing arts.

Lindsay Campbell, Queen of the Beat, is no stranger to Zim music. She started early in Friday Harbor.

John Johns, the Shredder, is a metal aficionado and red hot guitar player.

Jeffri Carrington, the Songbird, unites our vocalists in sonic harmony

Ron Hart, cerebral guru, is transitioning from SOU student to public music teacher in '17

Lucas Sennhauser, our newest member, is a wizard-in-training.

Jan Christensen, equal parts lion, goat & dragon, has been around forever.

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